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Forget Queenstown! Head to Rotorua for your adventure cravings.

1. Roll down a hill

Introducing the Zorb! Spend and afternoon rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball. An off-beat, entirely unique way to get your blood pumping, zorbing has become and increasingly popular activity for adventure enthusiasts looking for new activities to try. Give this a go and you'll never forget the day you crawled into a huge plastic globe to bounce and roll your way down a hill for no other reason than that you could!

New Zealand adventure activities

2. Explore the Redwoods

Head to the Whakawarewa Forest, the perfect place to go mountain biking, walking or horse riding, and just a 5 minute drive from Rotorua. Enjoy a few hours getting lost in this forest of giant Californian Redwoods as you move through a beautiful network of trees on purpose-built tracks for your chosen activity. A mecca for mountain bikers, the forest is a particular favourite for biking enthusiasts!

Mountain bike New Zealand

3. Head into the trees

Get off the ground with Rotorua Canopy Tours and spend a few hours flying through the treetops of the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. Moving from tree to tree, you will traverse and incredible course made up of 6 ziplines, 2 swingbridges, and various walking and fixed bridge sections reaching a dizzying height of 22 metres off the ground! Get a birds-eye view of this incredible nature reserve and learn about the team's impressive conservation efforts in the forest.

Rotorua Canopy Tours

4. Raft down a river

Join a sweat-inducing tour with Rotorua Rafting or River Rafts and head out on the churning white waters of the Kaituna River, home to the highest commercially raftable waterfall in the world at a massive 7 metres tall! Perfect for thrillseekers, a Kaituna River rafting trip will see you battling grade 5 waters as you plunge through 14 rapids alongside your experienced rafting guide. If you're looking for some white water fun but want to try something a little less intense, opt for a trip on the calmer (but no less exciting) Rangitaiki River - perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

White water rafting New Zealand

5. Get your Agro on!

Experience a totally unique day of adventuring at Agroventures Adventure Park. Activities include:

  • Bungy jumping from a 43 metre tower
  • Speeding through the worlds first jet sprint course on the Agrojet
  • Freefalling through the air from 40 metres up on the huge Swoop swing
  • Racing your friends and family on the pedal powered Schweeb capsules
  • Experiencing the feeling of  a skydive freefall with New Zealand's only wind tunnel

and for the biking enthusiasts among us

  • hitting the huge Freestyle Airbag on your BMX or mountain bike to try out some new tricks!

Skydive New Zealand


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