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7 Reasons you need to take The TranzAlpine Train

The TranzAlpine takes you through some of the wildest and unspoilt scenery in the country. Here are our top 7 reasons why this should be on your bucket list:

  1. The Southern Alps. You’ll travel through dramatic alpine landscape, deep river gorges, native beech forest and the grassy plains of Canterbury. You’ll get a sense of the ‘real’ New Zealand, and quite simply - it's spectacular!
  2. Famous.  Often regarded as one of the World's great train journeys for which its landscapes were made famous in the Lord of The Rings. The TranzAlpine is a sensational 4.5 hour railway crossing the South Island of New Zealand.
  3. Arthurs Pass. The highest and most spectacular pass across the Southern Alps. Splitting the south islands wide, shingle riverbeds of the East coast to the dense rainforest and deep gorges of the West coast.
  4. Comfort. Each train has comfortable reclining seats, a cafe car and open-air carriage allowing for unobstructed photography and views.
  5. Cost effective. Kill three (or four or five) birds with one stone. Driving the same route, you would see a fraction of what you would on the rails - with the train taking you places a car simply can't go.
  6. When. The TranzAlpine train runs year-round and is spectacular in all seasons. Although our favourite is late winter, when the mountains get covered in snow.
  7. The Kea. Chances of seeing the cheeky alpine parrot found only in the alpine regions of the South Island of new Zealand.


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