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Hobbiton Movie Set; Where Real-Life Meets Real-Hobbits

Picture yourself bare-footed, meandering lazily around the rolling hills of your quiet Hobbiton township, gently walking towards your favourite inn - the infamous Green Dragon. Does this halfling life sound like it's for you?  

Nestled in the hills just 45 minutes from Hamilton, the Hobbiton Movie Set can help make those Hobbit dreams come true. Based on the idyllic New Zealand sheep farm where Sir Peter Jackson filmed his world-famous trilogies, you can indulge in the relaxing life of a Hobbit and explore the highlights of The Shire.  

Take a guided Hobbiton Movie Set walking tour and launch yourself into a Tolkien enthusiast's dream. Led by your friendly Hobbit expert, who’s guaranteed to be full of local knowledge and tales of the Shire, around Hobbiton, you can spot Bag End, the Party Tree, the Mill and plenty more iconic locations from the film.  

As you walk around, try to spot the 12 masterfully constructed Hobbit holes and find your favourite from the movies. Even more exciting is the unique opportunity to go ‘Beyond the Door’ and immerse yourself in a real-life scene from the films. From December 2023, Bagshot Row will see the addition of a series of themed Hobbit Holes, including Samwise Gamgee’s iconic yellow door, allowing visitors the unique opportunity to spend time inside a Hobbit’s home. At the car park's end, signs and boards are detailing the exact camera angles used in the movies, offering a little insight into the workings of such a big production. 

Finish your tour with a trip to the local Shire Inn, the Green Dragon. Though the interior of this pub was shot in Wellington, the entire thing has been lovingly recreated on-site so that you can come and laugh, drink and enjoy the charming ambience as though you were a Hobbit yourself. They even have their own brewery - Southfarthing - so you can enjoy authentic Middle Earth drinks such as ale and cider! 

For the ultimate experience in Hobbit heaven, make sure to take in the Hobbiton Movie Set on your next New Zealand cultural adventure.

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